Blender Progress


I'm going to a course for Blender in Munich. The teacher is greate and we got really fast up to speed in a small group.

Here we tried extruded text. Pretty simple but I like the colors.

This is the first try to create a realtic camera with fspy and create realistic reflections onto an object. Compositing was done in Photoshop because I didn't know any better at that time.

This was the second try to work with a photo. Same principles as the first one, but I wanted her to stand inside the crystal and be refracted.

This is the first time I worked with metaballs in a particle system. The were converted into a mesh afterwards and reduced to create the crystal structure. This is also the first time I really used the compositing features of blender.

This was the first homework I did for the course. A snowman and a little bit of snow.