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DerGrosseDaniel (12)

Insta: @dergrossedaniel --- flickr: wedaka --- github: DerGrosseDaniel

Yaesu vs Nagoya vs Signal stick

I got a new handheld radio and obviosly matching antennas. But how good are they? So I measured them as good as I could.

Eurorack flight case

When you are getting into modular synthesizer and eurorack, the first thing you need is a case. You can buy one or make your own. I wanted a cool one and of cource I build my own.

Eurorack power module

I wanted a switch for my modular synthesizer and a cable I can unplug and which isn't hardwired.

3x3 midi controller

I wanted to build a small midi controller. It should be cheap, 3d-printable and with usb.

Eurorack stomp box tuner

I've got the idea that a tuner for my modular synthesizer would be nice. And the cheapest route in my mind would be to convert a guitar pedal tuner. So I bought the cheapest one I could get. When the glorious Harley Benton CPT-20 arrived at my home, the journey began...

Blender Progress

I'm going to a course for Blender in Munich. The teacher is greate and we got really fast up to speed in a small group.

Randy Kux

A friend thought about a character. Randy Kux. She made a few sketches and I loved them so much I hab to make him.

Cinema4D Doodles

Just a few things I made with Cinema4D the last mounths.

3d printed stop motion armature

I wanted to make a stop motion armature that needed cheap materials but is ridged. So my idea was to make little 3d printed boned where i can feed aluminium wire through.

Gear 360 intervalometer

I’ve got a Gear360 2016 really cheap used from Amazon to play a little bit with it. The image quality is amazing for the price, but everybody who tried it knows that there isn’t a good way to capture images in a regular interval.